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WHP is actively involved in the international AIDS epidemic.

photo_empowermentWe believe that the innovations in care from our clinic need to touch the lives of the huge numbers of HIV-positive women living in developing countries. Clinicians from WHP are actively involved in cutting edge research in Africa, India, and Thailand. For example, Debra Cohan MD [link to her bio], is an international leader protecting the health of HIV-positive pregnant women as well as preventing the transmission of HIV to their infants.

Our clinic director, Dr. Edward Machtinger, was the senior author of a paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association that described the cause of a highly disfiguring and stigmatizing rash affecting tens of thousands of people in East Africa [link to article #11]. The impact of this discovery allowed for a clearer understanding of how to treat and eliminate this long-time serious problem in East African adults and children.

Our current work in building an effective model of care for women who have been victims of violence has great implications internationally, where the rates lifetime trauma, the result of all this violence is staggering. WHP is working closely with international teams to design our studies in the United States so that they can be maximally applicable in international settings.