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In addition to our role providing direct client services, WHP is a leading center for research. In this way, the model of care developed at WHP can have a healing impact that extends far beyond the walls of our clinic.photo_research

The research at WHP focuses on a number of key areas. Together, this research is designed to identify the most effective means to help HIV-positive women, and women and girls in general, become safe, healthy, and empowered in their lives.

Currently, WHP has four focus areas of research for which we have become nationally recognized. These areas include: one, the intersection of trauma and HIV in women and girls; two, ways to help patients most effectively adhere to their antiretroviral HIV medications; three, the prevention of “vertical transmission” from mother to infant; and four, improving the lives of those with HIV internationally.

Our medication adherence program in clinic is the site at which we develop most of our research ideas and put the results of our research into practice with our patients. Our ultimate goal is to help all HIV-positive individuals have an easier time taking their life sustaining medications.