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WHP has been a long-time leader in the San Francisco Bay Area establishing a highly effective system of care for HIV-positive women and girls.


This effort has included obtaining multiple federal grants to fund and coordinate care through a partnership of agencies in San Francisco dedicated to this population. The system of care at WHP is considered a national model for the effective care of HIV-positive women and girls.

WHP is a member of the executive committee that decided how federal Ryan White AIDS money is allocated in the San Francisco Bay Area. WHP has also taken many leadership roles throughout the San Francisco Department of Public Health establishing “best practices” for transgender women with HIV and building collaborative care for HIV-positive individuals. The director of WHP is currently the co-chair for the San Francisco Working Group on HIV-positive adolescents. Most importantly, WHP is seen as a resource for any organization or individual concerned for a woman or girl with HIV and is always available to respond to the needs of this population. We field calls from concerned community organizations, family members, or individuals with HIV on a daily basis and cherish the trust that our community has in us.