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Awards and Recognition

Osler Distinguished Teacher Award – Dr. Machtinger 2013

Dr. Richard Russell, Dr. Edward Machtinger and Dr. Rodger Shepherd

In 2007, the Class of 1957 chose to create the Osler Distinguished Teacher Award in honor of their 50th reunion. The purpose of the award is to give the senior class in the School of Medicine one more way to influence medical education at UCSF. Created as an endowment to ensure that the award would be given each year in perpetuity, it is the wish of the Class of 1957 that the Senior Class select, honor and reward a distinguished physician instructor who, like Sir William Osler a century ago, is a respected physician, a nurturing teacher, and a compassionate caregiver. Dr. Machtinger was the recipient of the Osler Distinguished Teacher Award in 2013.

California Legislature Assembly Resolution Signed by Senator Mark Leno declaring October 14, 2008 Women’s HIV Awareness Day