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photo_vert_capitolThe ultimate goal for WHP is to help our patients feel safe, healthy, and empowered.

To us, this includes helping our patients feel that they have control over their destinies and be in touch with their hopes and goals. All of our services are designed to enhance the empowerment of our patients. This includes robust social work and family case management services that allow many women to find stable housing, work, and school. In addition, our mental health services that help women recover from PTSD and depression. Equally important, WHP has a number of interventions designed to increase our patient’s empowerment. One intervention with proven results is The Medea Project. The Medea Project is a theatrical performance intervention that provides women with the skills and self-confidence to publicly disclose their HIV status and histories of trauma.

Ultimately, we see this increased empowerment when our patients testify publicly in front of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors or lobby Congress in Washington, D.C. We also see HIV-positive women’s empowerment grow when patients use their wisdom and experience to support other women who have been recently diagnosed. Finally, we see this empowerment when many of our patients return to school and/or work, succeeding in their lives in new and expansive ways.