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Performance as Medicine

WHP has a long-time partnership with legendary performance artist and actress, Rhodessa Jones.

RhodessaMs. Jones is the Founder and Director of the Medea Project: A Theatre for Incarcerated Women. In 2008, WHP and Medea formed a new partnership to help HIV positive women gain the confidence and skills to publicly disclose their HIV statuses and history of trauma through theatrical performance. These performance workshops have been transformative for those that participate and those in the audiences. WHP performed a formal analysis of the impact of these performance workshops on the women who participate. Among many benefits, half of the women were able to leave or avoid abusive partners as a result of the sisterhood and self-confidence gained from these workshops.

In November of 2012, seventeen members of the Medea Project traveled to Washington, D.C. to be the featured performance at the 2012 National Summit of HIV and Viral Hepatitis and were introduced by Congresswoman Barbara Lee.