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What truly distinguishes the care at WHP is its pioneering focus on emotional health and well-being as a core component of a woman’s primary care.

The evidence is clear that emotional and mental health are inextricably linked to health outcomes. For far too long, however, primary care clinics have focused on medical disease treatment and not on understanding and treating other important aspects of a woman’s life experience. To us, it was obvious that addressing the social, emotional, and mental health needs of our patients is a crucial component to help our patients to achieve real health – becoming safe, healthy, and empowered in their lives. Two decades ago, WHP’s crucial contribution to AIDS care was to design the first program in the country specifically for women living with HIV that included all physical and mental health services under one roof. That model of care has since become emulated throughout the country. Our focus now is to refine this model to include a response to the high rates of trauma among our patients.

Trauma and PTSD


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Mental Health