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Care Overview

photo_vert_careThe care at WHP is genuinely holistic and addresses each patient’s mind, body and spirit.

To accomplish this goal, services are provided at a single site that is also safe, warm, and rich in community and love. We use a team approach that integrates world-class medical care with comprehensive psycho-social services and a community of other HIV positive women. After 20 years, we know that this model of comprehensive and compassionate care is uniquely successful at helping even the most vulnerable women realize their inherent health and power.

WHP provides some of these on-site services through long-time partnerships with established community based organizations. In this way, WHP is able to maximally and economically coordinate all of the resources required in order to meet our patients’ needs.

The following services are all provided under one roof:

  • Primary care by HIV experts
  • Complete gynecological care
  • Reproductive, obstetric, and midwifery
  • Social work
  • Family case management
  • Psychotherapy and support groups
  • Psychiatry
  • Trauma prevention and trauma recovery
  • HIV expert pharmacist
  • Medication adherence program
  • Access to investigational treatments
  • Breakfast